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LIN6-8121 : Bdp does not scan DVD bare git clones BDP extensions (OVP), plus templates structure was changed

Created: Jul 27, 2013    Updated: Dec 3, 2018
Resolved Date: Dec 12, 2013
Previous ID: LIN5-17468
Found In Version: 6.0
Fix Version:
Severity: Standard
Applicable for: Wind River Linux 6
Component/s: Workbench Integration


Bdp does not scan DVD bare git clones for templates and BDP extensions.
WIND00425851 only completely only works for git trees, not the bare git clone version of the layers.

 Expected Behavior
  1) Import a OVP project into Workbench that had the "wr-ovpmgr" layer in its
  2) Observe that there is the "ovpmgr" rule in the imported project's
  "Makefile.wr" file (at the end). 
  3) Observe that the "ovpmgr" top level build rule brings up the ovpmgr
  GUI tool.
  4) Templates like "feature/debug" should be available in Platform Project wizard.

Observed Behavior


Misc Info


1) Option #1 Manual Steps

For the Platform Project wizard:

(a) Add any templates not visible directly with the add options feature.

Once the project is created:

(b) Create a build rule with "Project > Properties > Build Properties > Target". Click "New", and set the name and the make rule to "ovpmgr".

(c) Append this build rule to the project's "Makefile.wr".

ovpmgr : 
    @if [ ! -f $(WRLINUX_DIR)/host-cross/usr/bin/ ] ; then \
         echo " "; \
         echo "NOTE: Please run 'make -C build ovpmgr-native' first"; \
         echo " "; \
     else \
         $(WRLINUX_DIR)/host-cross/usr/bin/; \

2) Option #2  Attached Installation Patch

  $ cd <installdir>
  $ tar -tf WIND00428273_patch.tar
  $ tar xf WIND00428273_patch.tar

Steps to Reproduce

  1) Import a OVP project into Workbench that had the "wr-ovpmgr" layer in
  its configure.
  2) Observe that there is no "ovpmgr" build target icon, nor equivalent
  Build target in the "Makefile.wr" file.
  3) Start the Platform Project wizard.
  4) Observe that there is no "feature/debug" template available in the 
  template list.

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