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LIN6-3306 : 32-bit pam modules not installed when added to 64-bit rootfs

Created: May 8, 2013    Updated: Mar 10, 2016
Resolved Date: Dec 12, 2013
Previous ID: LIN5-2267, LIN6-2772
Found In Version: 6.0
Fix Version: 6.0
Severity: Standard
Applicable for: Wind River Linux 6
Component/s: Build & Config


When PAM is included in a build there should be a set of /lib/security/pam_*.so or /lib64/security/pam_*.so files included in the target rootfs.

This is working for the version of PAM which matches the default rootfs type (32- or 64-bit) but not for the alternate when added.


Manually install the missing 32-bit packages.

Steps to Reproduce

$ configure --enable-board=qemux86-64 --enable-rootfs=glibc_cgl --enable-kernel=cgl

Add 32-bit version of PAM to the 64-bit rootfs:
$ make -C build lib32-libpam.addpkg
$ make fs

Look for "security" directory/content:
$ find export/dist/ -name security

Notice that only the lib64 version is present.

Many of the pam_*.so files come from the pam-plugin-*.rpm files and these packages are being built for the 32-bit version as well as the 64-bit version, they are just not being installed.

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