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LIN8-3204 : QA Issue on quota

Created: Apr 5, 2016    Updated: Dec 3, 2018
Resolved Date: Apr 17, 2016
Found In Version:
Fix Version:
Severity: Standard
Applicable for: Wind River Linux 8
Component/s: Userspace


The following warning is printed after make fs:

$<50>WARNING: QA Issue: quota rdepends on libtirpc, but it isn't a build dependency? [build-deps]
$<50>NOTE: Tasks Summary: Attempted 4074 tasks of which 4060 didn't need to be rerun and all succeeded.

Refer to layers/oe-core/meta/recipes-extended/quota/

Steps to Reproduce

- wrlinux/configure --enable-board=intel-x86-64 --enable-kernel=standard --enable-rootfs=gwp --enable-addons=wr-gateway,wr-secure,wr-common --with-layer=wr-security-packages,wr-security,meta-selinux,secure  --enable-reconfig --enable-parallel-pkgbuilds=4 --enable-jobs=8

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