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LIN7-5022 : busybox not rebuilt after configuration chage with menuconfig.

Created: Oct 28, 2015    Updated: Sep 8, 2018
Resolved Date: Aug 8, 2016
Found In Version:
Fix Version:
Severity: Standard
Applicable for: Wind River Linux 7
Component/s: Build & Config


After built all system image, run "make -C build busybox.menuconfig" to add some applets and save the configure,  then run "make fs" will not recompile the busybox.
On other wrlinux7 version, when run "make fs" again,  it will appears a warning message "WARNING: /space13/vx-ems-layer/busybox_defect/layers/oe-
core/meta/recipes-core/busybox/ is tainted from a forced run", then the busybox will be recompiled and all works well.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Configure a normal project:
<path to wrlinux7 RCPL 0009 >/configure --enable-board=intel-baytrail-64 --enable-kernel=standard --enable-rootfs=glibc_std --enable-bootimage=ext3,hdd --enable-test=no --enable-reconfig --with-rcpl-version=0009

2. make fs

3. after build ok,  run "make -C build busybox.menuconfig", added some applets and save.

4. make fs 

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