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Obsolete Type: RCPL

Wind River Linux OVP

Released: Oct 23, 2017     Updated: Jan 17, 2018


The Rolling Cumulative Patch Layer (RCPL) was developed by Wind River to simplify patch management of Wind River Linux. The expected usage is that customers install the latest RCPL for their release. Base Wind River Linux 6 + Wind River Linux OVP 6 + RCPL is the default supported configuration. Please install this RCPL at your earliest convenience.
The whatsnew file on this page contains information about new features and enhancements introduced by this RCPL.

Product Version

Wind River Linux 6

Installation Notes

Wind River Linux OVP is now only available via Electronic Software Distribution (ESD) method accessible via the Wind River Installation Tool (wrInstaller) available within your product installation.
Step 1 - Prepare
Shut down all product processes, including any license server.
If you have altered any Wind River-supplied file in your installation tree (not a recommended practice), archive them manually before installing any update, as these files may be overwritten during the installation process.
Step 2 - Install
Linux:   Go to installDir/maintenance/wrInstaller/x86-linux2 and run wrInstaller.
At the Choose Installation Type screen, choose "Online Content" and click next. Updates to the lastest installer is required.
The installer will automatically search all available updates and verify your entitlement. (This may take a few minutes.)
Select "Wind River Linux OVP 6.0" in "Select Products" drop-down list.
Continue your selections through the installation process and complete by clicking Finish.
If you're having connectivity (firewall or network setup) issues, Wind River allows you to run the wrInstaller on a machine with Internet connectivity by downloading this update pack into a convenient location and then installing the content back onto the development machine. Follow these instructions:
Retrieve the executable from HERE
Launch the executable (example: ./setup_linux32) with the following options:
-download -sdf
Copy the download folder to the other host machine and run setup.
Change the permission (example: chmod a+x setup_Linux32)
ATTENTION Wind River Linux Open Virtualization Profile customers
You may encounter the following error while compiling icedtea7-native or openjdk-7-jre:
'Error: time is more than 10 years from present: 1104530400000'..
If you encounter the error, you will need to apply the following workaround:
1. cd /wrlinux-addons/wr-common/git/
2. mv meta-java meta-java.orig
3. ln -sf ../../wr-ovp/git/meta-java meta-java
You need only apply this workaround one time per DVD installation


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