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Obsolete Type: RCPL

Wind River Linux SCP

Released: Aug 5, 2015     Updated: Sep 17, 2015


We are proud to announce the upgrade of the Security Profile for Wind River® Linux. This profile is a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) product built to align with the Common Criteria for Operating System Protection Profile and Evaluation Assurance Levels (EAL). The hardened kernel, enhanced user space, and Yocto Project 1.7 Compatible base seamlessly integrate with validation tools, documentation, and hardware support. Security Profile helps our customers shorten their development lifecycle and achieve faster time-to-market with the improved security, performance, user experience, and manageability required for today’s devices.

Product Version

Wind River Linux 7

Installation Notes

Installation Notes

Follow the instructions to upgrade RCPL

  •     The wrInstaller will automatically search all available updates and verify your entitlement. (This may take a few minutes.)
  •     Select "Branch (LB21_7.0._RCPL0008)" in "Select Products" drop-down list.
  •     Continue your selections through the installation process and complete by clicking Finish.


If you installed the release product from local media, you need to do one of the 2 options to skip the local repo.

Option 1: One simple way is to move your old WRL7RCPL local media to another location.
Option 2: ./maintenance/wrInstaller/x86-linux2/wrInstaller -> In "Online Content", click Configure -> Click Edit to modify all the repos -> remove the local product location.


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