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SCP7-130 : Doc issues for "wind_river_linux_security_profile_users_guide_70.pdf"

Created: Apr 15, 2015    Updated: Sep 8, 2018
Resolved Date: Jun 12, 2015
Found In Version: unknown
Fix Version:
Severity: Standard
Applicable for: Wind River Linux 7
Component/s: Documentation


List 11 issues for this doc. 

1   wrong folder list and path :
    page11-> "Development Environment " -> installDir/wrlinux-addons/wr-secure .
2   typographical error : I think "NOTE" should be moved to outside of table1 
    page12 - > "NOTE: Use thesetemplate names "
3   Some folders are not existing :
    page 20 ->  The following layers are provided by the Wind River Linux Security Profile installation:
        meta-security       *********not existing
        wr-secure/secure-meta-downloads     *********not existing
4   typographical error or lose some information after "for". For what ???
    page37 -> Package Management : You can use rpm and package for managing binary and source packages. For    
5   ".bash_logout" and ".bash_profile" are not existing in new user folder and "/etc/skel/",
    page 40 -> 
    The environment configuration options for a new user account, contained
    in .bash_logout, .bash_profile, .bashrc, and .profile, are copied or linked from the files in /etc/
    skel/. Users are allowed to modify bash configuration files, including the .bash_history file.
6   "admin_r" should be changed to "admin_u".
    page 41--> Map the specified user to the SE Linux admin_u username, while in the secadm_r role:
    secadm_r...# semanage login -a -s admin_r -r s0-s15:c0.c255 USERNAME
7   redundant test steps for "mkdir -p unused", this step have done by "Unconfine a confined application"
    page 62--> Confine a program :
    1. Move the domain's policy file to the SEEdit policy folder. :
    # mkdir -p unused
    # mv unused/ftpd_t.sp .
8   typographical error for "password11", should change "to password1".
    page 68->Step 1 Set Grsecurity user roles and passwords  :
    This example sets the password to password11 for the empty-named role, and password2 for the role named otherrole.
9   "" path is "addons/wr-secure/layers/wr-security-packages/conf/" .
    page 73 -> About PaX :
    The build-time file installDir/layers/wr-secure/wr-security-packages/conf/ 
    controls several features of PaX.
10  what is the "package" meaning ? 
    page 81 --> These features include the following:  "duplicity,package,rpm"
11  wrong file path: should be XXXX/windriver-ltp/files/README.
    page 87--> LTP Test Failures --> INSTALL_DIR/wrlinux-x/layers/wr-base/recipesextended/windriver-ltp/ltp/README.

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1 download

2 Doc review.

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