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LIN7-8616 : Security Advisory - curl - CVE-2017-1000101

Created: Aug 11, 2017    Updated: Sep 8, 2018
Resolved Date: Aug 23, 2017
Found In Version:
Fix Version:
Severity: Standard
Applicable for: Wind River Linux 7
Component/s: Userspace


curl supports "globbing" of URLs, in which a user can pass a numerical range to have the tool iterate over those numbers to do a sequence of transfers. In the globbing function that parses the numerical range, there was an omission that made curl read a byte beyond the end of the URL if given a carefully crafted, or just wrongly written, URL. The URL is stored in a heap based buffer, so it could then be made to wrongly read something else instead of crashing. An example of a URL that triggers the flaw would be http://ur%20[0-60000000000000000000. We are not aware of any exploit of this flaw. 

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