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OVP8-403 : request the fix for OVP8-342 on dpdk 16.04

Created: Jul 11, 2017    Updated: Nov 21, 2019
Resolved Date: Jul 21, 2017
Found In Version:
Fix Version:
Severity: Severe
Applicable for: Wind River Linux 8
Component/s: Userspace


In OVP8-342, we provided a patch dpdk-16.11-igb_uio-map-dummy-dma-forcing-iommu-domain-attachmen.patch on dpdk 16.11. Then in LIN8-6807 we get dpdk 16.04 back and set to prefered dpdk version. Thus, in current dpdk 16.04, the patch dpdk-16.11-igb_uio-map-dummy-dma-forcing-iommu-domain-attachmen.patch  is not available.

Customer meet problem when they run their dpdk applications with dpdk 16.04 without the patch.
Please provide the fix on dpdk 16.04 ASAP.

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