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LIN9-2604 : There are warning messages when do fetchall for world if option '--dl-layers' of is not applied

Created: Dec 7, 2016    Updated: Dec 3, 2018
Resolved Date: Feb 9, 2017
Found In Version: unknown
Fix Version:
Severity: Standard
Applicable for: Wind River Linux 9
Component/s: Userspace


There are warning messages when do fetchall for world if option '--dl-layers' of is not applied. But they are only warnings and no error occurs.

The pimd, openl2tp, ctdb, apache2 recipe upstream SRC_URI have been updated to point to the new location to avoid the warning messages.

Other fetch warnings of packages are harmless that they could be fetched from other mirrors. Most of them caused by homepage down or old version tarballs are removed. 

Analysis of the packages with fetch warnings:
1 homepage is NOT valid any more: 
   Hosted on 
   sourceforge: fuse libesmtp psmisc libmcrypt lowpan-tools atftp(homepage is up but repo can NOT be cloned)
   googlecode: libdnet curlpp 
   other: fetchmail iscsi-initiator-utils cherokee scsidev ssmping netkit-telnet lmsensors sthttpd

2 old versions removed: libpng libcgi-perl zlib
3 other reason: 
3.1 WARNING of geoip that checksum is not right. It is geoip mirror site issue. 

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