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LIN6-8617 : System Viewer error on WRLinux6 RCPL12

Created: Oct 24, 2014    Updated: Dec 3, 2018
Resolved Date: Oct 30, 2016
Found In Version:
Severity: Standard
Applicable for: Wind River Linux 6
Component/s: Host Tools


While using System Viewer on WRLinux6.0.0.12, encountered an error which is not occurred on RCPL8 environment.

After recording System Viewer trace, the attached "systemviewer_rcp12.png" appeared when trying to open System Viewer log on Workbench.
Also some continuous back trace is observed on target console log.

On the other, observation is different at a customer site.
When terminating System Viewer trace, the attached "systemviewer-customer_site.png" appeared on Workbench.

Neither issues are observed with RCPL8.(See the attached "rcpl8_config.log".)

rcpl8_config.log: config.log when creating WRLinux6.0.0.8 project
rcpl12_config.log: config.log when creating WRLinux6.0.0.12 project
rcpl12_log_on_target.txt: Console log on target when testing with WRLinux6.0.0.12.
systemviewer_rcpl8.png: Snapshot for Workbench when testing with WRLinux6.0.0.8(No error)
systemviewer_rcpl12.png: Snapshot for Workbench when testing with WRLinux6.0.0.12(Error occurring)
systemviewer-customer_site.png: Snapshot for workbench when testing at customer site.(Error occurring, WRLinux6.0.0.12)

Steps to Reproduce

1. Create project with "--with-template=feature/lttng2,feature/lttng-init " option for System Viewer usage.
(See "rcpl12_config.log")
2. Install the created project and start.
3. Bring up ehternet and start "usermode-agent" daemon.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Connect target from Remote System viewer on WorkBench.
2. Right click on the connection then select "Launch Lttng 2.x Configuration".
3. Click "+" to create session on "Lttng 2.x Control and Configuration" editor.
4. Click play button to start System Viewer recording.
5. Click stop button to stop System Viewer recording.

At my end, "An internal error occurred during: "Loading file: auto-xxxx.lta" is observed.
See "systemviewer_rcp12.png"
Also some recursive backtrace is obsreved on target console log. See "rcpl12_log_on_target.txt".

At customer end, "An internal error occurred during: "Transfer lttng 2.x trace files from target to host."." error is observed.
See "systemviewer-customer_site.png"
But any error looks not to be observed on target console log.

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