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LIN6-8429 : Broken link: WRL 6 UG: Run-time Software Configuration and Deployment Workflow

Created: Sep 17, 2014    Updated: Dec 3, 2018
Resolved Date: Nov 6, 2014
Found In Version:
Fix Version:
Severity: Standard
Applicable for: Wind River Linux 6
Component/s: Docs


I accessed this through the link:

In the section workflow: step 3.

Within your projectDir, issue a configure command with the necessary options to configure the appropriate build environment and makefiles. You then issue a make command to build a complete platform including the kernel and root file system.

For additional information, see:


    About Configuring a Platform Project Image

    About Building Platform Project Images

The third link: "About Building Platform Project Images" is broken.  It just has .html, the whole mmo stuff is missing.

Steps to Reproduce

I accessed this through the link:

Find step 3 in workflow, and click on the last link in the section.

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