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LIN6-8142 : PCD : reassembly issue about the number of CC tree

Created: Aug 10, 2014    Updated: Dec 3, 2018
Resolved Date: Aug 13, 2014
Found In Version: 6.0
Fix Version:
Severity: Severe
Applicable for: Wind River Linux 6
Component/s: Kernel


wrl : error in the reassembly implementation, in the BH policy, during the skeleton load  :

[   17.250705] cpu1/1: ! MAJOR FM-PCD Error [CPU01, /wrl5/work_wrl_64_sdk_15p1-rev2/sdcxm/bitbake_build/tmp/work/sdcxm-wrs-linux/linux-windriver-3.4-r0/linux/drivers/net/ethernet/freescale/fman/Peripherals/FM/Pcd/fm_cc.c:4752 FmPcdCcTreeAddIPR]: Invalid Value;
[   17.273396] cpu1/1: need two free entries for IPR

When I have a look in the fm_cc.c file, I find this :

   if (isIpv6Present && (p_FmPcdCcTree->numOfEntries > (FM_PCD_MAX_NUM_OF_CC_GROUPS-2)))
       RETURN_ERROR(MAJOR, E_INVALID_VALUE, ("need two free entries for IPR"));

This problem disappears when I remove 2 distributions in the policy.

Here is the corresponding xml code of our BH policy :
  <distributionref name="IP_frag_v4"/>
  <distributionref name="IP_frag_v6"/>
  <distributionref name="IPv4_ESP_Vstats_DL"/>
  <distributionref name="IPv6_ESP_Vstats_DL"/>
  <distributionref name="IPv4_NatT"/>
  <distributionref name="UDPv4_Ext_DL"/>
  <distributionref name="UDPv6_Ext_DL"/>
  <distributionref name="TCPv4_Ext_DL"/>
  <distributionref name="TCPv6_Ext_DL"/>
  <distributionref name="SCTPv4_Ext_DL"/>
  <distributionref name="SCTPv6_Ext_DL"/>
  <distributionref name="IPv4_Vstats_DL"/>
  <distributionref name="IPv6_Vstats_DL"/>
  <distributionref name="nonIP_Broadcast"/>
  <distributionref name="nonIP_Multicast"/>
  <distributionref name="nonIP_Unicast"/>
<reassembly name="reasm1"/>

Please note that  "IP_frag_v4" and "IP_frag_v6" link now towards the same CCnode (IPR_SP_proto) ; "nonIP_Multicast" and "nonIP_Unicast" link now towards PTP_slow_or_not .
So we have 16 keygens and 14 CCtrees, but we still have this error.

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