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LIN6-7992 : CLONE - WRL5: ARM kernel is limited to only 14 cores.

Created: Jul 21, 2014    Updated: Dec 3, 2018
Resolved Date: Sep 2, 2014
Previous ID: LIN5-19109
Found In Version: 6.0
Fix Version:
Severity: Severe
Applicable for: Wind River Linux 6
Component/s: Kernel


Trying to run a ARM board with more than 14 cores on one Linux kernel,

The reason seems to be that the virtual memoryspace is allocated for kmap-pages is limited to 224 pages. As each core needs 16 pages, there is only enough memory to 14 cores.

Steps to Reproduce

The issue was discovered trying to run a 16 core ARM preempt-rt system.

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