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LIN6-12264 : WRlinux6 bcm-xlp: N32 toolchain don't work in SDK

Created: Jan 16, 2017    Updated: Dec 3, 2018
Resolved Date: Feb 5, 2017
Found In Version:
Fix Version:
Severity: Severe
Applicable for: Wind River Linux 6
Component/s: Toolchain


Configure project with  --enable-multilib=libn32, then export the SDK.

Use the environment-setup-mips64-xlp-n32-wrsmllibn32-linux-gnun32 to setup environemnt, but the $CC -v failed:
xxxxx@xxx-csolx1:/build/extend/xxxxx/sdk-wrl6-xlp-n32$ source environment-setup-mips64-xlp-n32-wrsmllibn32-linux-gnun32 
xxxxx@xxx-csolx1:/build/extend/xxxxx/sdk-wrl6-xlp-n32$ $CC -v
-bash: mips64-wrsmllibn32-linux-gnun32-gcc: command not found

Please check and provide solution:
1. How to generate N32 rootfs, and use N32 toolchain with the exported SDK
2. How to generate N64 rootfs, with N32 runtime support. And how to use N32 toolchain and N64 toolchain within one exported SDK.



1) Assuming you are on the latest RCPL, apply the attached patch to layers/binary-toolchain-4.8-50

2.1) To have a N64 + N32 SDK:
Configure bcm-xlp project as you do before, and edit 
(The * differs according to the image you choose)
Append the following line to it:
TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK += "libn32-packagegroup-core-standalone-sdk-target libn32-libc6-dev"

2.2) To have a N32 only SDK
Configure bcm-xlp project with --enable-multilib=libn32 should be enough, with the patch in step 1.


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