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Wind River Linux Security Bulletin 2021-06-15

Released: Jun 15, 2021     Updated: Jun 15, 2021


Wind River Linux Security Bulletin 2021-06-15

Affected Product Versions

Wind River Linux CD, Wind River Linux LTS 19, Wind River Linux LTS 18, Wind River Linux LTS 21, Wind River Linux LTS 17



Status of Wind River Linux against all publicly announced security vulnerabilities.

Installation Notes


1) 2021-01-04: remove WRL8/WRL9, which are legacy

2) 2020-03-19: improve the security bulletin release cadence from half-month to weekly.

3) 2020-03-15: we remove the Table C, because most of CVEs of Table are not relevant to WRLInux, in order to reduce the size of the bulletin, we remove it.

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