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Updated Intel Microcode 20180312

Released: Mar 15, 2018     Updated: Mar 21, 2018


Wind River Update Notice: Updated Intel Microcode 20180312

Affected Product Versions

Pulsar Linux 8, Wind River Linux 9, Wind River Linux 6, Wind River Linux 7, Wind River Linux 8, Wind River Linux LTS 17


Wind River® has made available the latest Intel microcode (dated 2018-03-12).

For details on the changes in this microcode please contact Intel.

Linux* Processor Microcode Data File

More information please see:


3/21/2018: Update the download link of microcode-20180312.tgz of installing steps of WRL LTS 17 and Pulsar 8

3/19/2018: Remove the useless statement

3/15/2018: Initial

Installation Notes

Installation for WRL LTS-17/9/8/7/6/5

Please update to the latest RCPL for all products.

1) Wind River Linux LTS-17

create a project
$ --machine ... ...
$cd layers/meta-intel-dl/downloads
$cd layers/meta-intel
$git am --whitespace=nowarn WRLTS17-update-microcode-to-20180312.patch

2) Wind River Linux 9

create a project
$ --machine ... ...
$cd layers/intel-x86
$git am --whitespace=nowarn WRL9-update-microcode-to-20180312.patch

3) Wind River Linux 8

create a new project
$configure --enable-kernel=... --enable-board=... ...
$cd layers/wr-bsps/intel-x86
$git am --whitespace=nowarn WRL8-update-microcode-to-20180312.patch

4) Wind River Linux 7

create a new project
$configure --enable-kernel=... --enable-board=... ...
$cd layers/wr-bsps/intel-x86
$git am --whitespace=nowarn WRL7-update-microcode-to-20180312.patch

5) Wind River Linux 6

create a new project
$configure --enable-kernel=... --enable-board=... ...
$cd layers/wr-bsps/intel-x86
$git am --whitespace=nowarn WRL6-update-microcode-to-20180312.patch

6) Wind River Pulsar Linux 8
On target
$tar zxvf microcode-20180312.tgz

Now you will get one directory and two files:


Check and remember your CPU's microcode version:
$cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep microcode
microcode    : 0xxx

Upgrade in *cube-essential*
$cp -r intel-ucode /lib/firmware
$echo 1 > /sys/devices/system/cpu/microcode/reload

check to see if the microcode upgraded
$cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep microcode
microcode : 0xxx

Now the microcode should changed to a bigger value. Upgrade accomplished.

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