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Updated Intel Microcode 20180312

Released: Mar 15, 2018     Updated: Mar 21, 2018


Wind River Update Notice: Updated Intel Microcode 20180312

Affected Product Versions

Wind River Linux LTS 17, Pulsar Linux 8, Wind River Linux 9, Wind River Linux 6, Wind River Linux 7, Wind River Linux 8


Wind River® has made available the latest Intel microcode (dated 2018-03-12).

For details on the changes in this microcode please contact Intel.

Linux* Processor Microcode Data File

More information please see:


3/21/2018: Update the download link of microcode-20180312.tgz of installing steps of WRL LTS 17 and Pulsar 8

3/19/2018: Remove the useless statement

3/15/2018: Initial

Installation Notes

Installation for WRL LTS-17/9/8/7/6/5

Please update to the latest RCPL for all products.

1) Wind River Linux LTS-17

create a project
$ --machine ... ...
$cd layers/meta-intel-dl/downloads
$cd layers/meta-intel
$git am --whitespace=nowarn WRLTS17-update-microcode-to-20180312.patch

2) Wind River Linux 9

create a project
$ --machine ... ...
$cd layers/intel-x86
$git am --whitespace=nowarn WRL9-update-microcode-to-20180312.patch

3) Wind River Linux 8

create a new project
$configure --enable-kernel=... --enable-board=... ...
$cd layers/wr-bsps/intel-x86
$git am --whitespace=nowarn WRL8-update-microcode-to-20180312.patch

4) Wind River Linux 7

create a new project
$configure --enable-kernel=... --enable-board=... ...
$cd layers/wr-bsps/intel-x86
$git am --whitespace=nowarn WRL7-update-microcode-to-20180312.patch

5) Wind River Linux 6

create a new project
$configure --enable-kernel=... --enable-board=... ...
$cd layers/wr-bsps/intel-x86
$git am --whitespace=nowarn WRL6-update-microcode-to-20180312.patch

6) Wind River Pulsar Linux 8
On target
$tar zxvf microcode-20180312.tgz

Now you will get one directory and two files:


Check and remember your CPU's microcode version:
$cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep microcode
microcode    : 0xxx

Upgrade in *cube-essential*
$cp -r intel-ucode /lib/firmware
$echo 1 > /sys/devices/system/cpu/microcode/reload

check to see if the microcode upgraded
$cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep microcode
microcode : 0xxx

Now the microcode should changed to a bigger value. Upgrade accomplished.

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