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Wind River Linux Distro 23 Update 2024.01

Released: Jan 19, 2024     Updated: Jan 22, 2024



Wind River Linux Distro 23 Update 2024.01 is now available. This release supports both X86-64 and Arm (i.mX8).

Distro is completely open-source and is based on the Wind River Linux LTS23 Yocto Project product and the CoreOS project.

It is delivered as a minimal image based on the 6.1 Linux kernel, an RPM package repository, rpm-ostree update repository and CoreOS tooling.

It features the embedded functionality of Yocto Project, the security and manageability features of CoreOS including immutable filesystem and atomic updates in an easy to customize Linux binary distribution fully supported by the experienced Wind River embedded Linux team.

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Wind River Linux Distro23
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