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Service Pack 2 for Wind River Linux 2.0 (Replaced by Service Pack 3)

Released: Aug 18, 2009     Updated: Feb 6, 2009




Click here to get Service Pack 3 for Wind River Linux 2.0


About download:


Wind River Linux 2.0 Service Pack 2 (SP-2) fixes known problems and updates your installation to Wind River Linux 2.0.2.


·         For detailed descriptions of the defects fixed in Wind River Linux 2.0 SP-2, click on the defect numbers listed in the "Defects" section below.

·         Source-only updates are installed by Wind River Linux 2.0 SP-2. For pre-built RPMs see separately downloadable binaries zip files.

·         The DVD download also installs Wind River Workbench 3.0 SP-2, which updates your Wind River Workbench 3.0 or 3.0.1 installation to Workbench 3.0.2.

·         For detailed descriptions of the defects fixed in Wind River Workbench 3.0 SP-2, Click here  and look under the “Defects” section of that download page.


Both Service Packs from this one DVD must be installed and used together.

About Pre-built RPMs  *_binaries_*.zip downloads:


·         The binaries downloads on this page are Pre-built RPMs, which are not included on the DVD.

·         Click here to read important Pre-built Binaries instructions in Chapter 2 of the Wind River Linux Platforms Release Notes, 2.0.2


Service Pack FAQs:


·         A Service Pack is an accumulation of patches that have been tested together for compatibility.

·         Previously released point patches that were posted to OLS, but that are now included in a Service Pack, are obsolete as stand-alone point patches.

·         The highest version Service Pack includes the cumulative patches from all previous Service Packs.

·         Applying a Service Pack rather than point patches is strongly recommended.


Continued list of Defects fixed in this Service Pack


WIND00118513 WIND00118755 WIND00118989 WIND00119486 WIND00120117 WIND00120120 WIND00120124 WIND00120131 WIND00120172 WIND00120320 WIND00120328 WIND00120488 WIND00121194 WIND00121211 WIND00121223 WIND00121226 WIND00121524 WIND00121615 WIND00121632 WIND00121634 WIND00121636 WIND00121638 WIND00121639 WIND00121642 WIND00121798 WIND00121810 WIND00121860 WIND00121877 WIND00122135 WIND00122269 WIND00122390 WIND00122436 WIND00122438 WIND00122521 WIND00122523 WIND00122534 WIND00122553 WIND00122577 WIND00122602 WIND00122641 WIND00122686 WIND00122879 WIND00122976 WIND00123155 WIND00123175 WIND00123327 WIND00123369 WIND00123529 WIND00123753 WIND00123765 WIND00123777 WIND00123874 WIND00124113 WIND00124389 WIND00124440 WIND00124722 WIND00124764 WIND00124822 WIND00124861 WIND00124889 WIND00125062 WIND00125148 WIND00125497 WIND00125597 WIND00125730 WIND00125736 WIND00125771 WIND00125826 WIND00125923 WIND00126076 WIND00126244 WIND00126449 WIND00126474 WIND00126632 WIND00126819 WIND00126929 WIND00127030 WIND00127038 WIND00127050 WIND00127054 WIND00127097 WIND00127216 WIND00127439 WIND00127941 WIND00127946 WIND00128130 WIND00128132 WIND00128134 WIND00128137 WIND00128187 WIND00128220 WIND00128222 WIND00128280 WIND00128293 WIND00128302 WIND00128420 WIND00128637 WIND00128902 WIND00128993 WIND00129750 WIND00129865 WIND00129871 WIND00130238 WIND00130610 WIND00131293 WIND00131311 WIND00132606 WIND00133274 WIND00133438 WIND00133738 WIND00134188 WIND00134344 WIND00134837 WIND00135563 WIND00135796 WIND00136002 WIND00136937 WIND00137440 WIND00137611 WIND00137614 WIND00138529 WIND00138533 WIND00138763 WIND00139384 WIND00139859 WIND00140306 WIND00140536 WIND00140935 WIND00140980 WIND00141428 WIND00141555 WIND00141621 WIND00141821 WIND00142281 WIND00142336 WIND00142403 WIND00142689 WIND00142772 WIND00142975 WIND00143232 WIND00143332 WIND00143352 WIND00143528 WIND00143883 WIND00143892 WIND00144011 WIND00144013 WIND00144408 WIND00144604 WIND00144753 WIND00145083 WIND00145967 WIND00145974 WIND00146172 WIND00146979 WIND00147080 WIND00147350 WIND0014782020

Product Version

Real-Time Core 5.1, Linux Platforms 2.0



This service pack is only compatible with Wind River Linux 2.0 and cannot be applied to or used with any other version of Wind River Linux, i.e., do not apply to WR Linux 1.x installations.

Installation Notes

Installation Notes

These instructions apply to the download.

Step 1 – Prepare

  • Shut down all product processes, including any license servers.
  • All applicable products and patches should be installed prior to applying this Service Pack. If you subsequently install more products from your initial product shipment, you should re-apply the Service Pack.
  • If you have altered any Wind River-supplied files in your install tree (not a recommended practice), archive them manually prior to installing any updates as these files may be overwritten during the installation process.

Step 2 – Download

  • Download the zip file to a temporary directory on your host machines.

For this Service Pack, do not download or unzip the files into your installDir/updates directory.

Step 3 – Unzip

  • On Windows (requires WinZip):
    • Right-click on the zip file
    • Select WinZip -> Extract to here
  • On Linux or Solaris:
    • unzip *.zip
  • If you do not have unzip in your path, you can find it in installDir/setup/hostType/bin

Step 4 – Install

  • Go into the DVD directory created by unzipping the Service Pack (e.g. C:\tmp\DVD-R128063.1-1-02 or /home/myuserid/DVD-R128063.1-1-02).
  • Run the setup executable applicable to your host (Windows: setup.exe; Linux: setup_linux; Solaris: setup_solaris).
  • Install all products that are check-marked by default.

Step 5 - After installation

  • Restart any license servers (if applicable)
  • Re-build any pre-existing Workbench Projects

Click here for the updated Wind River Linux Platforms 2.0.2 Release Notes.  See Section 1.5 for installation and configuration information.

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