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Wind River Linux Enterprise 3.0 Documentation Update

Released: Mar 26, 2010     Updated: Mar 26, 2010


This patch contains fixes for two different problems encountered when installing Wind River Linux 3.0 service pack 2 over Wind River Linux 3.0:

1. Wind River Linux documents disappear from the Operating Systems sections under Wind River Documentation > Getting Started, Guides, and References. The patch will install the following files into com.windriver.ide.doc.globals:




2. Erroneous links to the Wind River TIPC Kernel API Reference and the Wind River TIPC Application API Reference appear under Wind River Documentation > References > Connectivity. The patch will install the following file into com.windriver.ide.doc.wr_tipc:



Product Version

Linux 3


Installation Notes

Installation Notes

1) Install the patch.

a. Extract the contents of the zip file into your installation directory.

b. When the message "Would you like to replace the existing file with this one?" appears, click the YES TO ALL button.

c. Once the installation is complete, reindex the help.


2) Reindex the help.

a. Close Workbench.

b. In your home directory, delete /.workbench-(version)/configuration/

c. Relaunch Workbench.

d. Press F1 on Windows or Ctrl+F1 on Linux to open the help view and start the reindexing process.

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