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Linux Platforms 1.x

Released: Mar 17, 2022     Updated: Jun 30, 2022


Wind River Linux Platforms (Wind River Linux), comprises three platforms, or products:

  • Wind River Platform for Network Equipment, Linux Edition (Platform NE). This is Wind River's Carrier Grade Linux (CGL), version of Linux, in a package optimized for telecommunications systems and cross development.
  • Wind River General Purpose Platform, Linux Edition (General Purpose Platform). This platform is designed for use in a broad range of industries: network infrastructure; consumer electronics; automotive; industrial; medical; aerospace and defense.
  • Wind River Platform for Consumer Devices, Linux Edition (Platform CD). This platform is designed with a small footprint and capabilities optimized for hand-held devices. Configurable features to reduce the footprint further include: library optimization; statically linked executables; Linux-tiny kernel patches; and BusyBox. Platform CD is also specifically designed for flash deployment.

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Linux Platforms 1.x


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