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Advanced Networking Technologies 6.7

Released: Mar 8, 2022     Updated: Apr 27, 2022


Wind River Advanced Networking Technologies provides advanced networking protocols, security, wireless, and mobility capabilities for markets such as wireless infrastructure, network infrastructure, and consumer devices.

Advanced Networking Technology is a collection of networking protocols based on the IPNET stack designed by the company formerly known as Interpeak. The stack was designed to be scaleable and portable.

The Wind River Advanced Networking Technologies portfolio is available for both Wind River VxWorks and Wind River Linux platforms. This allows developers to build application software that can move easily from project to project, regardless of the underlying operating systems. This flexibility maximizes developer efficiency and enables the reuse of valuable intellectual property. The Wind River Advanced Networking
Technologies portfolio provides the following:

The Wind River Advanced Networking Technologies are imbedded in Wind River VxWorks Platforms. It is also available as an add-on (i.e., a replacement for the native Linux stack) to Wind River Linux Platforms 1.4 through 3.0. The primary motivation for replacing the native stack is protection of intellectual property. Developers who customize protocols or features of the native Linux network stack are required under GPL to make these customizations available to the open-source community. By using Wind River Advanced Networking Technologies, they can avoid these obligations and keep their intellectual property as differentiable value.

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