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Mandatory Type: RCPL

Wind River Linux LTS

Released: Jul 20, 2021     Updated: Aug 5, 2021


A new RCPL update is available for Wind River Linux LTS21.

The Rolling Cumulative Patch Layer (RCPL) was developed by Wind River to simplify patch management and the delivery of bug fixes for Wind River Linux.

Wind River Linux LTS21 is delivered as a series of git repositories. The git repositories are appended to and branched with a specific RCPL identifier.
It is expected that customers install the latest RCPL for their release. Please install this RCPL at your earliest convenience.

The README_LTS_21_0002 on this KL page contains instructions on how to update, general information on the RCPL, and a summary of changes made. The defects listed on the KL page may not be complete due to the length limitation of characters. The README_LTS_21_0002 should be reviewed prior to installation.

Activate New Content:

After a new product have been purchased or product has a new update, such as a new BSP for Wind River Linux is ready, the product will be immediately visible in your Wind Share, but occasionally you don’t receive the product confirmation email, you can directly contact our sales, but there is a chance that you can activate the added product yourself, without having to click the download link in the production confirmation email.

  1. Log into Wind Share.
  2. Click the “Activate New Content” button.
  3. Click on the “Order Details” link will present more information about what products will be activated.

    Be sure to read the Wind River Linux Release Notes, LTS21 (RCPL 2).

    Product Version

    Wind River Linux LTS 21



    Requires Wind River Linux LTS installed

    Installation Notes

    Please follow the Product Update instructions of the Wind River Linux Getting Started, LTS21 guide.
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