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Wind River Linux Binaries

Released: Sep 1, 2020     Updated: Mar 16, 2021


A release is available for the Wind River Linux Binaries.

With this release, users now have the ability to directly use Linux images on the hardware without having to build from source code. With the binary images, embedded application developers can focus on building applications on top of a trusted Linux platform.

The highlights:

  • The first Wind River Linux Binary is based on the WRL CD release
  • WRL Binary supports a broad set of common packages used the market segment and a set of commonly used BSPs as a starting point for embedded development.
  • WRL Binary Release allows developers to focus on their applications, by using the trusted image provided by Wind River, through Wind Share and WR Labs.
  • WRL Binary Release supports two BSPs with real hardware and Qemu system emulation:
    • x86-64(intel-x86-64 and qemux86-64)
    • arm64(bcm-2xxx-rpi4 and qemuarm64)
  • WRL Binary Release includes two types of images:
    • A full image with a graphical desktop environment
    • A minimal image which can be expanded using a published binary package feed
  • An application SDK is available for download which can build native applications for the WRL Binary Release.
  • A container base image will be posted to Docker Hub for use with Docker tools
    • Docker files can be written which add packages
    • Application containers can be constructed from scratch using the Application SDK

The images support ostree (target images), docker, kubernetes, openvino (x86-64 images), xfce and other features in the packages feeds. The images can be highly customized, they can be customized by package manager dnf, or use the script gen-image to rebuild them from source.

Be sure to read Wind River Linux Release Notes, CD

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