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Source Patch and sysroot files for 3 CVEs based on Wind River Linux 3.0.3 RCPL21

Released: Oct 17, 2018     Updated: Oct 18, 2018


  • contains source patch for CVE-2016-9841, CVE-2016-9840, CVE-2018-11236

Configuration files

  • cav_octeon_cn58xx-config.log: Configuration file of cav_octeon_cn58xx

  • qemu_ppc32-config.log: Configuration file of qemu_ppc32

  • fsl_mpc8323e_rdb-config.log: Configuration file of fsl_mpc8323e_rdb

  • wrs_sbc85x0-config.log: Configuration file of wrs_sbc85x0

  • wrs_sbc8548-config.log: Configuation file of wrs_sbc8548


  • cav_octeon_cn58xx-glibc_std.tar.gz: sysroot of cav_octeon_cn58xx, tar ball of cav_octeon_cn58xx/export/sysroot/cav_octeon_cn58xx-glibc_std

  • qemu_ppc32-glibc_std.tar.gz: sysroot of qemu_ppc32, tar ball of qemu_ppc32/export/sysroot/qemu_ppc32-glibc_std

  • fsl_mpc8323e_rdb-glibc_std.tar.gz: sysroot of fsl_mpc8323e_rdb, tar ball of fsl_mpc8323e_rdb/export/sysroot/fsl_mpc8323e_rdb-glibc_std

  • wrs_sbc85x0-glibc_std.tar.gz: sysroot of wrs_sbc85x0, tar ball of wrs_sbc85x0/export/sysroot/wrs_sbc85x0-glibc_std

  • wrs_sbc8548-glibc_std.tar.gz: sysroot of wrs_sbc8548, tar ball of wrs_sbc8548/export/sysroot/wrs_sbc8548-glibc_std

Product Version

Linux 3


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