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Wind River Linux LTS 17 Intel Systems Studio Integration

Released: Jun 15, 2018     Updated: Jun 15, 2018


The Intel System Studio integrated support for Wind River Linux LTS leverages an updated Toaster, a web-based tool, to manage platform project configuration. This will be released with LTS 17 RCPL 9 (July 2018).

In the Files tab there are available patch sets that you can apply on top of any version of LTS 17 to enable this integration.

For any defects or enhancement requests, please contact Wind River Customer Support.

Product Version

Wind River Linux LTS 17


Installation Notes

Live patch sets for the Toaster support of the Intel System Studio can be found in the Files tab and installed using these instructions.

You can apply this patch set to any released version of Wind River LTS 17.

  1. Download the "" file

  2. Unzip this file in a separate directory

  $ mkdir toaster-temp
  $ cd toaster-temp
  $ unzip
  1. Overwrite the extracted “toaster” directory on top your LTS-17 installation

  $ unzip -o toaster $LTS_DIR/bitbake/lib/toaster

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