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Wind River Linux LTS Recipe Lists

Released: Jan 12, 2018     Updated: Jan 12, 2018


In the spreadsheets, each tab defines a base 'machine' and 'distro' (distribution) configuration. Additional columns include entries for each feature template.

In the feature templates, an O indicates an item that was inherited from the base configuration, while an X indicates a new component enabled by that template.

A recipe listed in these spreadsheets may not be fully supported. When more then one version of the same recipe's associated package is listed, only the system default is supported. For example, only the 7.2.0 version of the GCC compiler is supported, even though we allow the ability to select older, alternative versions.

Additionally, not all machine, distro, and template combinations are reasonable. Please contact Wind River Customer Support with any questions.

Product Version

Wind River Linux LTS 17
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