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Obsolete Type: Service Pack

Wind River Linux Pulsar 8, Security Shield (SS) Update 11

Released: Dec 17, 2017     Updated: Jan 17, 2018


A new SS Update 11 is available for Wind River Linux Pulsar 8

Product Version

Pulsar Linux 8

Installation Notes

You must upgrade several tool-related packages required for the update process initially, prior to upgrading the system. Run the following command in each container to update the required tools:

# smart upgrade overc-utils overc-system-agent dom0-contctl dtach

Please note that not all of these packages exist in every container. As a result, you may encounter warning messages that you may disregard. For example:
'overc-system-agent' matches no installed packages
'dom0-contctl' matches no installed packages

Once the tool-related package update is complete, you can upgrade the whole system as follows:

1) Switch to the dom0 container. For details, see "Switching Containers", located at:

2) Upgrade the system in the dom0 container.

/opt/overc-system-agent/overc system upgrade dom0 -r

For details, see "Upgrading the System", located at:

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