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Recommended Type: Binary Patch

WRL4.3 glibc CVE patch for e5500

Released: Jan 20, 2017     Updated: Apr 10, 2017


  • Binary contains sysroot for requried Arch.

  • contains source patch

  • contains test program for specific CVEs

  • WRL4.3-glibc-CVE-Analysis-I0084.xlsx contains the detailed information of CVE fixed

  • glibc-2.11_orig is the original source code

  • glibc-2.11 is the source code after patching

  • Please select board fsl_p50x0

  • sysroot-fsl_p50x0-glibc_std.tgz is the systoot (export/sdk/sysroot)

  • wrll-toolchain-4.4a-466_powerpc.tgz is the toolchain (wrlinux-4/layers/updates/RCPL-4.3-WRL.0032/wrll-toolchain-4.4a-466/powerpc)

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Wind River Linux 4


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