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Wind River Linux 4.3: ld Patch for Huawei

Released: Apr 25, 2016     Updated: Apr 26, 2016


** This defect has been fixed by the attachment in RCPL 0029 of WRLinux 4.3.

You can directly replace the directory with uncompressed attachment file to ~/install_wrlinux_4.3_dir/wrlinux-4/layers/updates/RCPL-4.3-WRL.0029/wrll-toolchain-4.4a-464/common/dist/binutils. Other way, you can put the attachment file in yourself layer directory of tools. And then reconfig your project with below feature: --with-template=feature/build_toolchain --with-rcpl-version=0029 and then you can compile your project normally. **

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Wind River Linux 4


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