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Merge sched_hist_mod.patch

Released: Oct 8, 2008     Updated: Oct 8, 2008


When scheduler history buffer is enabled, the "new task enqueued" event would
be recorded to PMEM with an entry that marked "added_to_runqueue", for example:
ECBE5F873E: 0,1248866272.815469,1392,ps,C0139E41,added_to_runqueue

This patch unifies this type of entry with the rest types of PMEM entries by
recording 0x8000000 into pid2 and current->comm into pname2:
169842A4162: 0,1248864820.635601,1421,ps,00000000,134217728,swapper,00000000

(Note: 0x8000000 == 134217728) IDENTIFIER = WIND00129372

Product Version

Linux Platforms 1.x


Installation Notes

Installation Notes is for 1.4

1. Unzip the patch under [install_dir]/updates

2. Install the patch CD by entering the patch CD directory and run setup_linux.

3. This is a source only patch so you will have to build the kernel

4. Issue a make fs and make the kernel in a configured directory.

5. Upload the kernel and rootfs into the target and boot it up.

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