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Wind River Linux 3.0 UP 2 Cumulative patch for toolchain

Released: Dec 21, 2009     Updated: Dec 24, 2012


The following defect(s) have been fixed in this cumulative patch for the Wind River toolchain:

WIND00192498    posix_fadvise() doesn't returns an error correctly.
WIND00191332    gdb on arm single stepping fails on non-thumb targets with "Stepping thru Thumb-2 IT Blocks not yet supported"
WIND00177714    glibc build can fail when running with multiple jobs
WIND00243473    cannot rebuild GDB resource code
WIND00392428    WRL 3.0.2 CN58XX semaphore issue

Product Version

Linux 3



Requires Wind River Linux 3.0 Update Pack 2 (3.0.2) to be installed.

Installation Notes

Installation Notes

1. Unzip this patch under [install_dir]/updates.
2. From the [install_dir]/updates directory, run the command "../maintenance/wrInstaller/x86-linux2/wrInstaller".
3. Follow the instructions for installing the point patch.
4. Run "make reconfig" to pick up the new toolchain for existing projects.
5. Run "make fs" next
6. Upload the kernel and rootfs into the target and boot it up.


DATE: 20 Dec 2012

REVISION: Add file and includes fix to defect WIND00392428

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