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Security Advisory - Linux Kernel - CVE-2008-2729

Released: Jul 30, 2008     Updated: Jul 30, 2008


arch/x86_64/lib/copy_user.S in the Linux kernel before 2.6.19 on some AMD64 systems does not erase destination memory locations after an exception during kernel memory copy, which allows local users to obtain sensitive information. IDENTIFIER = WIND00127075

Product Version

Linux Platforms 1.x


Installation Notes

Installation Notes

WIND00127077 for 1.4
WIND00127079 for 1.5

1. Unzip the patch under [install_dir]/updates

2. Install the patch CD by entering the patch CD directory and run setup_linux.

3. This is a source only patch so you will have to build the kernel

4. Issue a make fs and make the kernel in a configured directory.

5. Upload the kernel and rootfs into the target and boot it up.

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