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Fix to SCTP to be able to connect and run when MTU size to 200.

Released: Aug 17, 2007     Updated: Aug 17, 2007


Problem Description:

Set MTU size to 200,

SCTP application betwen client and server,
Cookie Ack Chunk is not sent and application cannot connect and run.

When capturing the output from tcpdump, in the IP layer, "INIT ACK Chunk" is fragmented
but the next frame(thor than offset 0) is not being sent.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Change MTU size
ifconfig eth* mtu 200

2. Run sctp test program on both server and target machines.
2.1 Run "main" command and the following menu will be shown.

20:SendData LOOP

2.2 On Server machine side, 1st select [0:Bind] and then select [1:Listen].
2.3 On client machine side, 1st select [0:Bind] and then select [2:Connect].

3. sctp program not established and cannot be run.

This patch fixes this problem IDENTIFIER = WIND00099574

Product Version

Linux Platforms 1.x


Installation Notes

Installation Notes

Installation and patch application instructions:

NOTE: If you are installing a patch for Defect WIND00093265 please install that first and then install this patch since this patch has newer versions of some files.

1. Download the patch zip file
2. Copy it to your /updates directory
3. Change to your /updates directory
4. Run ./setup_linux
5. Follow the installation instructions and install the patch.
6. This is a source patch
7. You will have to configure your project and issue a make all to apply this patch to your image.

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