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Fix for the build error with the option --enable-build-libc=yes

Released: Aug 2, 2007     Updated: Aug 2, 2007


Symptoms of the problem:
The build of a WR Linux Platform Project based on the template for intel_mpcbl0001 fails if --enable-build-libc=yes.

The complete configure options to reproduce this failure are:


The problem is this: In the "glibc-*/manual/Makefile", the script
"" is called for all directories of the form

stamp-libm-err: $(wildcard $(foreach dir,$(sysdirs),\

This script "" examines every file for math error data,
and every file is expected to be readable or else it fails at that

HOWEVER, (a) quilt maintains parallel directories by that name in its
"wrlinux_quilt_pc" or ".pc" sub-directory, and (b) it keeps the
untouched versions of the source files as zero length placeholder files
with no access rights. These files cause the halt.

Product Version

Linux Platforms 1.x


Installation Notes

Installation Notes

Installation instructions:

1) Copy and unzip the patch in /updates directory

2) Go to the /updates directory

3) Run ./setup_linux to install the patch

To verify the patch
1) Open WB 2.6 (or use command line) with PNE LE 1.4
2) Create a new project with "--enable-build-libc=yes"
3) make all ("make -C build glibc" is the specific test)
4) The build will succeed (would have failed without the patch)

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