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Fix for Defect WIND00095300

Released: Jun 8, 2007     Updated: Jun 8, 2007


The following defect was reported.

We created a few files then archived them as test.tgz, verified we can extract individual files as per the customer's instructions using tar 1.14, but when you try to extract an individual file using tar 1.15 then it simply hangs. this problem has been noticed with tar-1.15 wrlinux-1.4

This looks like a bug in our tar 1.15.1 version in wrlinux-1.4.

This patch installs the following files.

- wrlinux-1.4/wrlinux/dist/tar/patches/patches.list
- wrlinux-1.4/wrlinux/dist/tar/patches/tar-1.15.1-optionsOrder.patch
- updates/WIND00095898.txt IDENTIFIER = WIND00095300-PNELE

Product Version

Linux Platforms 1.x


Installation Notes

Installation Notes

  1. Unzip the patch file in the "updates" folder of the 1.4 installation.

    2. Run setup_linux

    3. After creating a project, "make -C build tar" prior to "make fs".

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