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Fix for Defect WIND00089704

Released: Jun 8, 2007     Updated: Jun 8, 2007


Customers have requested the ability to have a script that is executed after the RPM processing was complete, but before the dist.tar.bz2 file was created.

This is the documentation snippet for the File System Finalization
feature, known as This feature is available in the 1.4
WR Linux runtime product and up. If you want to use it in 1.4, you
must apply the patch

If you create a script or compiled executable called and place it the same directory as where you initially ran the "configure" command or the _prj directory if you are using the WB, this script or executable will be invoked after the RPM and pre-link phase has run, but before the final export/
-dist.tar.bz2 file is created.

The is invoked in the fakeroot context in from the directory export/dist, relative to where you ran configure. This will allow you to remove or add files, as well as create device nodes or symlinks.

Additionally you can run script over and over if you like with the make rule "make fs_final_run".

At the point in time that you are satisfied with the script you can elect to make it part of the BSP template. You can choose to have one master for the BSP, or you can create an for each type of file system that is supported. If you are using only one for the bsp simply place the in the top level of the bsp directory in your layer or the product install. IE:


If you wanted to to make independent scripts for each type of file system, then you would place a file in each file system director in the bsp template IE:

wrlinux-2.0/wrlinux/templates/board/arm_versatile_926ejs/rootfs/uclibc_small/ IDENTIFIER = WIND00089704-PNELE

Product Version

Linux Platforms 1.x


Installation Notes

Installation Notes

  1. Unzip the patch file in the "updates" folder of the 1.4 installation.

    2. Run setup_linux

    3. See details under "description"

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