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Fix for defect WIND00083478

Released: Mar 12, 2007     Updated: Mar 12, 2007


The corruption can manifest itself in different ways.

On the BCM97401_BE the register was used as a pointer to an internal KGDB variable and random memory was set to zero instead of the KGDB variable. This caused KGDB to stop working after the first continue or detach after a attempting to read invalid memory.

This can occur on any of the MIPS boards.

To reproduce:
* Create a KGDBOE connection to the BCM97401_BE target in the WB
* Connect
* Continue
* Run control is lost

In GDB you can replicate the problem as well.
connect to the target and issue the command:
maintenance packet m10008400,c8

And at this point you can no longer issue a break with control-c IDENTIFIER = WIND00083480-PNELE

Product Version

Linux Platforms 1.x


Installation Notes

Installation Notes

  • Copy the attached zip file to the updates directory of the installation and unzip it.
    - Run ./setup_linux
    - Run make

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