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Enhanced Carrier Grade Linux (ecgl)

Released: Dec 21, 2006     Updated: Dec 21, 2006


This download contains feature enhancements and is not for fixing defects. It is optional for customers using Wind River Platform NE Linux Edition 1.4, Platform Developer and is not applicable to other Wind River Platforms. If your project would benefit from the Enhanced Carrier Grade Linux (ecgl) features described below, you should install this patch.

The Enhanced Carrier Grade Linux (ecgl) layer incorporates more aggressive carrier grade extensions into the standard Wind River Linux Carrier Grade Linux kernel. The enhancements include:

  • an updated Class-based Kernel Resource Manager (CKRM) with particular improvements to the scheduling algorithm on multi-processor systems,
  • fault handling drivers for supported boards,
  • support for Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) on platforms not found in the core Wind River Linux product,
  • Persistent Memory (pmem) drivers, and
  • crash reporting and logging infrastructure.

Additionally, features found in the standard Wind River Linux product have been modified:
  • to give key system processes protection from Out-of-Memory (OOM) conditions,
  • to support high-speed, lightweight, connectionless communication between processes and alternate signal handling stacks, and
  • to make statistics gathering and accounting better.

Note: The documentation available on this page is the only information available regarding this patch. We have no further details. IDENTIFIER = ecgl_wrlinux_PNE_Ed1.4

Product Version

Linux Platforms 1.x


Installation Notes

Installation Notes

Step 1 - Prepare

  • Shut down all product processes, including any license servers.

  • The patch should be installed on top of a complete initial (and patched) installation.

  • If you have altered any Wind River-supplied files in your install tree (not a recommended practice), archive them manually prior to installing any Service Packs as these files may be overwritten during the installation process.

  • All applicable products should already be installed prior to applying the patch; if you subsequently install more products from your initial product shipment, you should re-apply the patch to ensure it's the last software installed.

Step 2 - Download
  • Download the file to your installDir/updates directory (/home/myuser/WindRiver/updates/).

  • IMPORTANT: Patches with built in installers like this one can only be installed from the above location.

Step 3 - Unzip
Go to /updates directory, then:
  • On Linux host

  • If you do not have unzip in your path, you can find it in

Step 4 - Install
  • Go into the CDR directory created by unzipping
    (e.g., /home/myuser/WindRiver/updates/CDR-R126033.1-1_061216_212235).

  • Run the setup executable for Linux: setup_linux.

  • Install all the components that are check-marked by default in the product selection screen.

Step 5 - After installation
  • Restart any license servers (if applicable).

Step 6 - Rebuild

  • Re-build any pre-existing Workbench Projects to incorporate any new features and to use the newly-updated libraries.

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