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Prebuilt toolchains for WRLinux 5.0.1 RCPL

Released: Sep 15, 2015     Updated: Sep 15, 2015


# All old toolchains are removed from WRLinux 5.0.1 RCPL image
In order to reduce the RCPL upgrading size and time, we remove all the old prebuilt toolchains in WRLinux 5.0.1 RCPL 30 ( and subsequent RCPLs, only keeping the newest toolchain. The installing size of an entire product (from RCPL 0 to RCPL 30) is down to 30GB. Comparing the original size is 171GB. The reduction is 141GB.


# Always keep the newest toolchain in WRLinux 5.0.1 RCPL image
We always keep the newest toolchain in RCPL. For example, currently, the newest toolchain 4.6a-148 (installdir/wrlinux-5/layers/4.6a-148) is in Once a new toolchain (4.6a-149) is released, we will replace the 4.6a-148 with 4.6a-149 in next RCPL.


# Impacting
Before the change, when you configure with a RCPL, the buildsystem select the corresponding toolchain.
After the change, if the corresponding toolchain can't be found, buidsystem will select the newest toolchain.

Toolchain is a complete layer, which doesn't depend on any other layer, so it is safe to build the newest toolchain with an old RCPL. And we real recommend you use this build combination.


# How to know if I use the correspoinding toolchain or the newest toolchain?
When you configure a project with a WARNING message at the end of configuring process, like


Don't find the corresponding toolchain 4.6a-146 , turn to use the newest toolchain 4.6a-148

You can download the corresponding toolchain from URL:


That mean the corresponding toolchain 4.6a-146 can't be found, and you are using the newest toolchain 4.6a-148. Conversely, if you don't see the WARNING, that means you are using the corresponding toolchain.


# Download the old toolchains

In the WARNING message, you see all the old toolchains are stored in the (just this page). You can enter following sub-links to download the corresponding toolchain, and then following the Installation to install it.  toolchain  toolchain  toolchain  toolchain toolchain toolchain  toolchain  toolchain  toolchain  toolchain  toolchain  toolchain  toolchain  toolchain


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