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Mandatory Type: RCPL


Released: Sep 15, 2015     Updated: Sep 15, 2015


Please read the description first !


The checksum (md5) of the tarballs:


Please follow the Installation steps to install it.

Product Version

Wind River Linux 5


Installation Notes

Installation Notes

If the wrlinux-5/layers/wr-toolchain/4.6a-148 path is in your product directory, you don't need to reinstall it, ignore the installation.

1) Download the tarballs

2) Merge the tarballs to

$cat* | tar xj
$chmod +x

3) Install prebuilt toolchain

The script only has one parameter:

    Installdir: the absolute installed directory of WRLinux 5.0.1 RCPL.

For example: /somepath/wrlinux-5.0

$./ /somepath/wrlinux-5.0
Installing toolchain to /somepath/wrlinux-5.0/wrlinux-5/layers/wr-toolchain
Please wait...
Install successfully


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