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Obsolete Type: RCPL

Wind River Linux CGP

Released: Apr 23, 2015     Updated: Aug 4, 2015


CGP is the first release of Wind River Linux Carrier Grade Profile 7.0.

Product Version

Wind River Linux 7

Installation Notes

Installation Notes

Follow the instructions to upgrade RCPL

  •     The wrInstaller will automatically search all available updates and verify your entitlement. (This may take a few minutes.)
  •     Select "Branch (LB21_7.0._RCPL0004)" in "Select Products" drop-down list.
  •     Continue your selections through the installation process and complete by clicking Finish.


If you installed the release product from local media, you need to do one of the 2 options to skip the local repo.

Option 1: One simply way is: move your old WRL7RCPL3 local media to other place
Option 2: ./maintenance/wrInstaller/x86-linux2/wrInstaller -> In "Online Content", click Configure -> Click Edit to modify all the repos -> remove the local product location.

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