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Recommended Type: BSP

WR Linux 4.3 BCM956340 with RCPL26

Released: Feb 8, 2015     Updated: Feb 8, 2015


SIMPLE README In this release, our bsp can be built with wrlinux4.3 RCPL26. Bug Fix:

  1. When doing warm reboot, sometimes one core can't be brought up. 0009-fix_arm_mm_proc_v7.patch is used to fix this bug.
  2. When plug-in and plug-out usb disk frequently, the usb controller stops work. 0010-usb_disable_companion_port_owner.patch is used to fix this bug.
  3. 0011-ARM-7099-1-futex-preserve-oldval-in-SMP-__futex_atom.patch is used to fix a bug for futx in SMP.

Product Version

Wind River Linux 4


Installation Notes

Installation Notes

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