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Rolling Cumulative Patch Layer 21 for Wind River Linux 3.0 + Update Pack 3

Released: Apr 7, 2014     Updated: Apr 7, 2014


The Rolling Cumulative Patch Layer (RCPL) was developed by Wind River to simplify patch management of Wind River Linux.  The expected usage is that customers install the latest RCPL for their release.  Base Wind River Linux 3.0 + Update Pack 3 + RCPL is the default supported configuration.  Please install this RCPL at your earliest convenience.

The RCPL has new features that allow you to manage RCPLs by configuring projects and Workbench to use the RCPL of your choice. There is a tool,, that allows you to view the patch history of this RCPL compared to the base release. There is also a gui tool,, that allows you to examine RCPL releases before installing them. You can download the tar ball from:

The README on this OLS page contains instructions on how to use these features, general information on the RCPL and a list defects fixed. The README should be reviewed prior to installation.

1. It is required to download
2. Pick at least one of the toolchain packages depending on what architecture is supported on your installation. Note that the MIPS architecture is broken into two packages and you will need to download and install both for MIPS.
3. Because all defect No. is not listed, more information, please see the README_3.0.3_RCPL_21.txt

Product Version

Linux 3



Requires Wind River Linux 3.0 Update Pack 3 (3.0.3) to be installed

Installation Notes

Installation Notes

1. Download and review the README prior to installation. Contains important information on setting up your environment.
2. Unzip these patches under [install_dir]/updates
3. From the [install_dir]/updates directory, run the command "../maintenance/wrInstaller/x86-linux2/wrInstaller"
4. Follow the instructions for installing the patch.

Note: Large patches may take several minutes to complete the installation process.


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