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Optional Type: Patch

Experimental Feature Layer for Wind River Linux

Released: Dec 8, 2013     Updated: Aug 4, 2014


The Experimental Feature Layer is an optional addon that provides some extra features to the Wind River Liunx product. The Experimental Feature Layer may contain up-revved package versions (of those in the standard  product) and/or additional packages which have not been fully regression tested. While we strive to maintain binary compatibility with the rest of the standard system, including this layer may cause issues in non-standard environments. All related bug reports, via Wind River Support channels, will be accepted and investigated.

Product Version

Wind River Linux 5



Requires Wind River Linux 5.0.1 to be installed

Installation Notes

Installation Notes

This Experimental Feature Layer is optional and will not be enabled for installation by default. Use the Product Maintenance Tool to enable and install the RCFL:

- Install the RCPL and close the installer window. This is a required step as the RCFL depends on the RCPL, please refer to

- Start the Product Maintenance Tool by executing $installPath/maintenance/wrInstaller/x86-linux2/wrInstaller

- Select the 'Configure' button

- Add a new repository named 'RCFL' pointing to

- Select Apply and check for new content

- The RCFL will be enabled for installation 

- Follow the on-screen prompts to install the RCFL

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