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Wind River Linux 5 LDAT Migration Tools

Released: Oct 15, 2012     Updated: Oct 22, 2013


The Wind River LDAT migration tools have been created to help migrate customers
from older releases of Wind River Linux forward to Wind River Linux 5.

Wind River Linux 5 now uses the Bitbake tool from the Yocto Project to build
binaries for your target device. These migration tools should help you in
migrating your custom applications and layers to the new format.
    Converts an LDAT layer into the new Bitbake layer format
    Converts an individual LDAT Makefile into a Bitbake recipe
    Imports a Debian-based package into the Bitbake format
    Imports an RPM-based package into the Bitbake format

DEPENDENCIES/CAVEATS: Python (mandatory), Python deb822 package (optional)

Product Version

Wind River Linux 5


Installation Notes

Installation Notes

Download the ldat-tools_2.0.tar.gz

Check the md5sum of ldat-tools:
$ md5sum ldat-tools_2.0.tar.gz
cec3579f73c55f2226aa89f5b632626d ldat-tools_1.0.tar.gz

Extract the tarball:
$ tar -zxvf ldat-tools_2.0.tar.gz

To execute the script run:
$ ldat-tools/ path/to/wrll-mylayer path/to/meta-mylayer

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