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NETWORKING: Cavium GPL and proprietary code separation for Wind River Linux 2.0 SP3

Released: Feb 21, 2011     Updated: Feb 21, 2011


This requirement is built on top of two other requirement
WIND00118045 - Command line debugger support for Cavium SE

Currently Cavium provides crypto middleware, higher performance SPI-4.2 and ethernet drivers, packet filter/offloading functions. These are all proprietary code. They use the proprietary licensed version of the simple executive to offload processing to other cores. WRLinux 2.0 shall include scripts and build infrastructure for this, but not redistributing Cavium's proprietary code.

WRLinux 2.0 shall make sure the Simple Executive GPL and the Simple Executive Proprietary sources are in one location (each) and various demo applications (standalone Simple Executive, kernel modules, and demo
applications) may be built off the common sources. Naturally the GPL sources will be provided and fully supported with all the scripting to work in the WRLinux build system, and everything but the actual proprietary source from Cavium would be distributed for the proprietary stuff.

Product Version

Linux Platforms 2.0


Installation Notes

Installation Notes

This patch contains the following set of files:

These are the files that should be downloaded to install and use the Simple Exec integration with WRLinux 2.0.3.

In addition to the above files from Wind River, it will also be necessary to obtain the following files from Cavium Networks:



1. All of the Wind River files are freely redistributable EXCEPT (the Workbench debugger integration).

2. This Simple Exec distribution CANNOT be used with releases of WRLinux other than 2.0.3 (WRLinux 2.0 Service Pack 3)

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