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Wind River Linux 4 Update Pack 3 Pre-built Binaries

Released: Dec 16, 2011     Updated: Dec 16, 2011


If you choose to take advantage of these pre-built binaries, install them after you have installed Wind River Linux 4, Update Pack 3, but before performing the builds that will use the pre-built RPMs.
Use the procedure detailed in the INSTALLATION section to install the pre-built binaries.

Existing RPM pre-built binaries reside in:


Existing kernel pre-built binaries reside in:


You are free to remove these pre-builts when you no longer need them.

The new versions are downloaded into these directories and are available for all projects:



Product Version

Wind River Linux 4

Installation Notes

Installation Notes

Online Update to Install Optional Linux 4 Update Pack 3 Pre-built binaries

NOTE - This download and installation may take some time, please allow sufficient time.

Step 1 - Prepare

    * Shut down all product processes, including any license servers.
    * If you have altered any Wind River-supplied files in your installation tree (not a recommended practice), archive them manually before installing any updates, as these files may be overwritten during the installation process.

Step 2 - Install

    Launch the installer.

       * Linux:   Go to installDir/maintenance/wrInstaller/x86-linux2.

       run:  wrInstaller -productUpdateURLS

    Select 'Product updates'.  The newest installer updates are required.

        * The installer will automatically search all available updates and verify your entitlement. (This may take a few minutes.)
        * Continue through the installer screen selections, until you get to the Choose Activation Type screen.
        * If your existing keys are up-to-date, select Use the existing product activation file.
        * If you have ordered new BSPs, other products, or received upgrades and have retrieved an updated Product Activation File (PAF), select permanent install key file and point to your new PAF.
        * Continue your selections through the installation process and complete by clicking Finish.
        * The installer program automatically finds, downloads, and installs applicable pre-built binaries for you.

Step 3 - After installation

    * Restart any license servers (if applicable).

     * The new binary versions are placed in the following directories and are available for all projects:

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