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Wind River Linux 2.0 SP 3 Cumulative patch for wrll-linux-2.6.21

Released: Sep 14, 2009     Updated: Oct 10, 2011


The following defect(s) have been fixed in this cumulative patch for the Wind River Wrll-linux-2.6.21

WIND00151014  Security Advisory -Linux kernel - CVE-2008-5701
WIND00159631  mtd-utils binary is failing in PNE-LE 2.0
WIND00159148  Security Advisory - Linux - CVE-2007-5966
WIND00158922  Security Advisory - Linux Kernel - CVE-2009-0028
WIND00159243  Security Advisory - Linux - CVE-2007-6151
WIND00159073  Security Advisory - Linux - CVE-2006-7051
WIND00160589  Security Advisory - Linux - CVE-2009-0834
WIND00160630  Security Advisory - Linux - CVE-2009-0835
WIND00160631  Security Advisory - Linux - CVE-2009-0859
WIND00151894  wrlinux 2.0.1 : Kernel crash in skb_copy_and_csum_datagram_iovec during nmap when sunprc ports are active & listening
WIND00157964  Kernel panic at bootup time on ATCA-7150
WIND00163745  Security Advisory - linux - CVE-2009-1265
WIND00165615  Security Advisory - Linux - CVE-2009-1336
WIND00157496  Gdb and backtrace not working correctly on RMI XLR732
WIND00163953  Security Advisory - linux - CVE-2009-1242
WIND00165619  Security Advisory - Linux - CVE-2009-1192
WIND00165620  Security Advisory - Linux - CVE-2009-1337
WIND00165535  Security Advisory - linux - CVE-2009-1439
WIND00160923  when JBD (ext3) debugging support option is turned on using menuconfig,kenrel does not logs related to JBD . This option simply does not work.
WIND00171000  Alternating writes to the same nfs file results in a corrupted file
WIND00167304  Security Advisory - linux - CVE-2009-1630
WIND00170996  [LKSCTP] Initialization collision problem
WIND00170555  Security Advisory - linux - CVE-2009-1385
WIND00170553  Security Advisory - linux - CVE-2009-1961
WIND00172115  gianfar driver fails to add VTAG to arp packet
WIND00173319  [LKSCTP] add Adaptation Layer Indication parameter only when it's set
WIND00171318  Linux : An IPv6 address stays ‘tentative’ forever
WIND00175291  Security Advisory - linux - CVE-2009-1895
WIND00175293  Security Advisory - Linux - CVE-2009-2407
WIND00175296  Security Advisory - Linux - CVE-2009-2406
WIND00172308  Security Advisory - Linux - CVE-2009-1389
WIND00174421  Linux SCTP patches
WIND00177755  Security Advisory - Linux - CVE-2009-2768
WIND00177756  Security Advisory - Linux - CVE-2009-2767
WIND00177764  Security Advisory - Linux - CVE-2009-2692
WIND00180455  [LKTCP]: advertise MSS requested by user
WIND00180264  Security Advisory - Linux - CVE-2009-2849
WIND00180265  Security Advisory - Linux - CVE-2009-3001
WIND00180262  Security Advisory - Linux - CVE-2009-2848
WIND00180266  Security Advisory - Linux - CVE-2009-3002
WIND00180268  Security Advisory - Linux - CVE-2009-2847
WIND00169091  Security Advisory - Linux - CVE-2009-1633
WIND00182766  Security Advisory - Linux - CVE-2009-2903
WIND00185835  Security Advisory - linux - CVE-2009-3238
WIND00180022  Kernel crash in tasklet_action at shutdown time
WIND00187266  ltp test msgctl09 causes kernel bug
WIND00187710  Security Advisory - linux - CVE-2009-2908
WIND00189329  PNE-LE 2.0.2 - binding a SCTP socket to a global IPv6 address returns an error
WIND00189609  Security Advisory - linux - CVE-2009-3228
WIND00163192  select call returning ERESTARTNOHAND(514)
WIND00189610  Security Advisory - linux - CVE-2009-3612
WIND00189612  Security Advisory - linux - CVE-2009-3613
WIND00189681  Security Advisory - linux - CVE-2009-3621
WIND00167948  oop for virtual-uart on RMI xlr732
WIND00188979  Optimize for size disfunctional in wrl2.0sp1 + sp3
WIND00189615  Security Advisory - linux - CVE-2009-2909
WIND00189677  Security Advisory - linux - CVE-2009-3620
WIND00189616  Security Advisory - linux - CVE-2009-2910
WIND00191376  Security Advisory - linux - CVE-2009-3726
WIND00191377  Security Advisory - linux - CVE-2009-3547
WIND00193776  Security Advisory - linux - CVE-2009-4005
WIND00193780  Security Advisory - linux - CVE-2009-3889
WIND00193778  Security Advisory - linux - CVE-2009-3080
WIND00193853  Security Advisory - linux - CVE-2009-4021
WIND00308423  Switching over from primary to secondary path of a SCTP association causes Linux paging fault/error

Product Version

Linux Platforms 2.0



Requires Wind River Linux 2.0 Service Pack 3 (2.0.3) to be installed.

Installation Notes

Installation Notes

1) Unzip this patch under [install_dir]/updates
2) From the [install_dir]/updates directory, run the command "../maintenance/mtool/mtool_linux"
3) Follow the instructions for installing the point patch.
4) This is a source only patch so you will have to rebuild the linux package.
This can be done by executing the command "make -C build linux
.distclean"followed by "make -C build linux.rebuild"
5) Run "make fs" next
6) Upload the kernel and rootfs into the target and boot it up


DATE: 11 Oct 2011

REVISION: file replaced with and includes fix to defect WIND00308423

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