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Wind River Linux 2.0 UP 4 Cumulative patch fore e2fsprogs

Released: Dec 8, 2010     Updated: Nov 8, 2011


The following defect(s) have been fixed in this cumulative patch for the Wind River Linux e2fsprogs

WIND00244047: wrl 2 : after resize2fs, e2fsck reports wrong block count for resize inode

Change List:

Product Version

Linux Platforms 2.0



Requires Wind River Linux 2.0 Service Pack 4 (2.0.4) to be installed.

Installation Notes

Installation Notes

1) Unzip this patch under [install_dir]/updates
2) From the [install_dir]/updates directory, run the command "../maintenance/mtool/mtool_linux"
3) Follow the instructions for installing the point patch.
4) This is a source only patch so you will have to rebuild the e2fsprogs package. This can be done by executing the command "make -C build e2fsprogs.distclean" followed by "make -C build e2fsprogs.rebuild"
5) Run "make fs" next
6) Upload the kernel and rootfs into the target and boot it up

DATE: 08 Nov 2011

REVISION: Update "Change List" section

DATE: 07 Dec 2010

REVISION: Add file and includes fix to defect WIND00244047

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